Our Philosophy

Delivery of the best ever result for our clients is our goal. As a result we want your journey with us to be enjoyable, informed and assured.

When we work for you we want to understand and work within your values, for Development and Construction we will add our complementary values to drive the project towards success.

In doing so we want to develop strong relationships and mutual respect, we have worked with some clients in excess of twenty years.

From being appointed as Project Managers, Commercial or Safety Managers we want to hit the ground running and make sure that your investment return in us is maximised.
In doing so we work to create the organisational relationships that make sure that people are tasked, accountable,, trained, safe, responsible and are valued properly.

Our Journey

Senate Project Services has operated these services as a partnership since 1993 up to when it was incorporated in June 2012.
The business has grown up around John Walsh, the director responsible for safe development and delivery of exciting projects. Since June 2010 clients.  With his broad and detailed knowledge John has been called upon to be an advisor to a number of businesses at board level.
With steady growth built on delivering real value for money and reputation the main office is in Kent; Senate Project Services Ltd also work from Kemp House, London.
Senate Project Services has been appointed to deliver:

·       Major Development Project Management

·       Commercial Management

·       Contract Acceptance and Advice

·       Claims Management

·       Health and Safety