With you we achieve this by

  • Agreeing with you how to measure success across the timeline of your project, and
  • Communicating what success means to you to the teams
  • The De Risking Projects
  • Asking the right, and sometimes difficult questions at the outset to inform the right way forward.
  • Regular and through reviews to avoid risk and improve quality in project delivery.
  • Intervention and to take risk avoidance measures when necessary.
  • Celebrating success with companies and individuals.

Having understood this we then develop a staged delivery plan with you.  Success is a result of relevant communication served up with a healthy portion of dogged perseverance.

  •  We will listen and provide visible leadership support.
  •  We instil co-operative teamwork that is light on meetings but heavy on delivering the right messages.
  •  Clear concise Project Controls and monitoring is equally important to stakeholders and through professional robust methods, confidence is maintained.
  •  Understanding and managing risk and uncertainty is crucial in achieving the right outcomes. Senate Project Services is expert at helping teams to focus on what is important.

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