Senate Project Services Ltd holds these values and beliefs at the core of what we are. These underpin how we work. We are proud of our values and are committed to delivering them consistently.


We are committed to understanding and supporting the changing needs of our clients and our business will evolve in accordance with their requirements


People is the most valuable asset and we give full priority to being respectful and improving welfare, health and safety.


We are pleased to work with our clients and take great pleasure in a job well done and celebrating those successes.


We operate with the utmost integrity throughout our business.

Trust and Transparency

We keep our clients informed at every stage and our systems are completely open to review.


We understand what constitutes true value for money for our clients and we ensure they always receive best value from Senate Project Services.

We are pleased that we have been with many clients in excess of 20 years.


We have an environmental and sustainability policy that seeks to make the most out of conserving energy, and expending energy in the right places to obtain the credentials that help to enhance your reputation in these areas.

We like to keep abreast of the changing legislation and regulatory reform affection development and construction and support sustainable developments and encouragement of bio diversity in flora and fauna.

Renewable energy and recycling energy is becoming ever more demanding in the Construction Industry and we are more than ever supportive of initiative which conserve energy and reduction in waste and harmful emissions into the environment.